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I came to Cabo for a cosmetic surgery, Doctor Hector Cantu was so professional gave me the best option to make me look great and comfortable, the hospital and nurses are excellent. I wasn't alone because Cabo Health Travel was always with me during whole process. I'm great and with the best experience coming to Mexico.

Lisa Mendez, Phoenix, Arizona

Cabo Heath Travel just made the whole process so simple, Dentist are the best with american standards they just made it very easy. I'm very happy, that's why I made the decision to come to Cabo.

Marie Hudson, L.A., California

I came to Cabo to have it done because I look all over, I look in Costa Rica, I looked in different parts in Mexico as well to have the surgery performed, but the whole process coming to Cabo was simplest and left me with the best feeling, I felt most comfortable. So that is why I came to Cabo.

Katrina Hawkins, B.C. Canada

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