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Lic. Carola Cid, CMTP

CEO and Founder of Cabo Health Travel
Lic. Carola Cid, CMTP is a Medical Tourism Specialist, Certified by the Medical Tourism Association (MTA). She also has a Specialty in Public Administration by Universidad Iberoamericana. Lic. Carola Cid, CMTP is also honored to be Ambassador in Los Cabos for the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Health System.
During the past eight years, she has developed and grown within the health field and has led several institutions in different cities. Carola also has extensive knowledge in the Health Services field within Baja California Sur and the rest of Mexico.
She´s committed to providing excellent services making patient safety the priority. “Upon arriving in Los Cabos I observed the high standars of the doctors, the improved hospital infrastructure as well as the warm and beautiful environment ideal for health recovery, making it a greatest place in Mexico for all forms of tourism “.
Carola and her team of collaborators can provide a wide range of services necessary for the comfort and tranquility of its customers such as transportation, luxury accommodations, dietary specialists and Concierge services and others.

According to The Medical Tourism Association "International Medical Tourism" is rapidly gaining acceptance by both the public and the medical community at large, as a real solution to the high cost of healthcare and wellness practices.

For people without insurance or those needing medical procedures that insurance won’t cover, "medical tourism offers an attractive alternative to rising healthcare costs".

In the U.S and Canada, the rising cost of healthcare is pushing people to look for other options. Although Canada has an admirable healthcare system in many respects, many residents admit that there is a serious crisis brewing.Long wait times for certain procedures is also a big factor for residents of Canada and other countries with socialized medicine, and is effectively forcing people to look for other options.Wait times of a year or more are quite common in Canada and England. Contrast this with "wait times" of weeks or even days in Los Cabos and other medical destinations of Mexico.

Step by Step Medical Travel Guide

  • Step 1. Once we receive your QUOTE REQUEST, we will then require your information related to your current health status, diagnostic studies, recent images (x-rays, TAC, ultra sound, etc.).
  • Step 2. Initial Conference Call.- Once we receive the information requestedit´s very important to establisha time for a conference call between the doctor and you (the patient)in order to address procedures, treatments and options available.
  • Step 3. Recommended Treatment.-After a full medical evaluation of your case, CHT will then provide you with an economic proposal for recommended treatment according to your needs. Once approved by you, we will providea detailed itinerary including travel options, doctor's appointments, hospital or clinic procedure date, arrival date and other pertinent details.
  • Step 4. Travel Planning.- You will be assigned a bilingual Personal Case Manager (PCM) who will accompany and help you, at first, by providing a suggested packing list and any other instructions your doctor may have. You will also receive a detailed itinerary with suggested dates of arrival, airline connectivity, hotel and ground transportation pick-up times,pre-operative exams and surgery dates, etc. Your assigned PCM has the experience and desire to make your stay a memorable and successful experience.
  • Step 5. Arrival.- Your assigned Personal Case Manager (PCM) will welcome you at the airport upon arrival, an air conditioned selective vehicle will transport you to your hotel (villa or private residence) of choice. Your PCM will confirm your next day pre operative doctor's visit.
  • Step 6. Visiting your Doctor.-Meeting your Doctor in person and having the opportunity to discus all aspects of your scheduled procedure is always a welcome moment. Your doctor will explain the procedure, answer any questions you may have and if necessary request lab studies and imagining as needed. As a rule, your doctor will also inform you of the inherent risks and solutions your particular procedure may have.
  • Step 7. Hospital Admission.- In coordination with your doctor your PCM will pre-register your admittance to hospital and insure you fell perfectly comfortable and well cared for. Many procedures are ambulatory and do not require over night hospital stays, in such cases your Personal Case Manager will be available to accompany you back to your hotel.
  • Step 8. Hospital Stay and Discharge.- During your stay in hospital your Personal Case Manager will be attentive to your wellbeing as will your Doctor and specialized nurses. Once your Doctor approves your hospital discharged you will most likely be required stay in town to recover for a sensible period of time. Your Doctor will constantly monitor your recovery process, and will schedule office visits as required. If requested we will provide 24-hour nursing care for your comfort. Post operative recovery times are determined on a per case basis. Dental procedures, in most cases, require no hospital stay but may require several visits to the dental clinic depending on procedure.
  • Step 9. Homecoming.-Your doctor will personally monitor your recovery, once approved for travel, we will schedule airport transportation and your Personal Case Manager will accompany you to the airport. We will provide you with: Procedure Medical Reports, Post Operative Instructions, drug prescriptions, imaging and all related medical records.
  • Step 10. Follow up.- Once you return home we would like to follow up by sending you a short evaluation survey to know how you are and your overallopinion of the experience.

Certification on Medical Tourism

It's a certificate of expertise within the Medical Tourism field, provided by the Medical Tourism Association®.

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