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Over the past two decades Mexico has become the foreign destination of choice for most Americans and Canadians seeking quality health care at affordable prices. Over one million cross the border in to Mexico every year successfully seeking quality trust worthy medical procedures for all the right reasons: quality procedures, highly skilled practitioners, first rate medical facilities, short travel times as well as affordable costs for treatments, services and medications.

Traveling to Mexico is quite convenient for all American and Canadian medical tourists; travel times are greatly reduced compared to other destinations. Frequent flights from most major cities are another advantage to consider as well.

Many Americans and Canadians choose to have dental implants, weight loss or cosmetic surgeries in close to the boarder Mexico cities such as Los Cabos where they can conveniently travel and returning home in a short turnaround.

Cabo Health Travel works with well-reputed certified hospitals in various cities of Mexico (Los Cabos, La Paz, Hermosillo, Mexico City) and selected facilities in central and South America and can offer medical tourists low cost / high quality medical procedures.

Mexican hospitality is renowned for providing fine travel experiences, which reinforces the commitment by Cabo Health Travel to provide the best outcome, service and comfort during your stay. Let us take care of your health with professionalism, dedicated experience, respect and care.

High Quality at Low Cost

Mexico is an attractive destination for health care, not only for the quality of medical services, but also for the wide range of destinations and accredited hospitals. There are international comparative costs studies for medical treatments and surgical operations which show that the main treatments offered in Mexico, including dental, ophthalmological, and orthopedic rehabilitation, as well as elective surgery, plastic and aesthetic, result in costs 40% to 70% lower than in the U.S.

Cabo Health Travel can provide further insight regarding the costs and benefits for your health care procedure in various areas of Mexico.

Cabo Health Travel Offers Trustworthy – High Quality Healthcare and Wellness Services at Reasonable Prices.

Those who have visited Mexico for medical treatment, recommend first contacting the service provider with all your needs and expectations, dedication and high service levels can be found in all areas of medicine. Service is delivered with warmth and friendliness.


Los Cabos is located at the southern tip of the Peninsula of Baja California and is considered one of the finest leisure destinations in the world.

Dream like beaches, luxurious resorts and vacation homes, great weather, world class golf and sport fishing are only some of the areas principal attractions.

Sister cities Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo located within the municipality of Los Cabos are home to a large community of American and Canadian residents. Over the past few years Los Cabos has developed and array of first class medical facilities in order to satisfy the growing demand for health care and wellness services for locals and medical tourism visitors. Los Cabos leads the region in this category of medical service.



The city of La Paz, BCS has been mentioned as one of Mexico’s most desirable places to live. La Paz has recently renovated its entire medical infrastructure, investing in new medical facilities and clinics thru out the city. Patients who visit La Paz for medical interventions, experience excellent service in a relaxed atmosphere with fine Mexican attention to detail.

The Bay of La Paz and its beach front walkway are one of the city’s main attractions for an early morning jog or lazy afternoon sunset stroll. Jacques Cousteau, the renowned ocean explorer certainly was not wrong when he referred to the Sea of Cortez as “The largest Aquarium in the World.” Its clean blue waters are filled with exotic marine life such as: giant manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, majestic grey and humpback whales, dolphins and an impressive variety of other fish and animal life.



Hermosillo is the capital city of the State of Sonora, located on the northwest border of Mexico. Its coastline caresses the beautiful Sea of Cortez also known as the Golf of California. It´s easily accessible from Arizona or the rest of the USA or Canada and provides spectacular landscape views where ocean meets desert and mountains. Hermosillo offers a wide variety of clinics and hospitals certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the General Health Council (CSG) which is the highest certification that the Ministry of Health grants hospitals in Mexico.



Mexico city has top rate hospitals that are accredited by Mexican and International accreditations such as The Joint Commission International, converting it in the capital for health care in Latin America.

Mexico City has the greatest possible opportunity to enjoy their cultural, historical, culinary, architectural and religious, sports & medical wealth. The city is home to one of the widest range of health solutions in the world. Mexico City has been known for weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery, and dentistry for some time now, the quality of which are considered to be at par with U.S. standards.

Over 170 museums, its typical colonial down town and neighborhoods of Coyoacan, San Angel and Tlalpan as well as countless art and cultural activities are some of the many reasons why the Capital of Mexico invites you to take advantage of great hotel rates, magnificent airline connectivity, hospitals and clinics offering the medical tourist the highest standards in treatment for all illness and a variety of amenities that are hard to match.

Mexican visa advantages


In order to make it easier for international medical tourists to come to Mexico, as of May, 1st, 2010 the federal government has launched a new visa policy. 

Tourists, business travelers and Medical tourists of all nationalities who currently require a Mexican visa can enter Mexico at any established border crossing point or port of entry with a passport from their country of origin. They will not need to present a Mexican visa. In all cases, the documents presented to the immigration officers must be valid and unexpired.

Certification on Medical Tourism

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